Please Excuse Our Dust, Ya’ll

The Farmhouse Fixer opened up and will be updating its pages all the time with new fixers and conversations about life in the countryside from the voice of a northern-born, southern raised urban woman and a teen creative thumb owner with dreams of rural life.

Any Advice on Nurturing Peep?

Peep is our new chick and had been doing fine with mommy hens assistance. But, Peep escaped his little pen and got stuck in a different pen away from mommy hen’s warmth. Read what has happened so far, and what your advice is for Peep’s well-being.

Oh, Peep!

Horrendous Colors

I’d love to hear about the color scheme in a home you bought or lived in that drove you up the wall. I live in the country–rural country, and we do green metal roofs here. Not many colors work together but sometimes you just shouldn’t use a specific color scheme. The inside of my house blended with the outside of it. Changes are in order!

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Lanco Paints

I Only Use The Best

Lots of DIY’ers use Annie Sloan, Glidden or Benjamin Moore, (and a whole lot more) but not me. I’m not saying these aren’t great brands or that I’ll never use them. With me, it’s all about the test of time and the only products I’ve used for years (that lasts for years and years) is Lanco Paints or Behr. Any paint, primer, stain project I’ve had in the last decade or so was done using their products. I know you know about Behr. But, have you learned about Lanco?

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Welcome to my Crazy Life

Most who know me, know that I’m an introvert, claustrophobe with four kids, a dog, and a dork of a husband (he’s really a technical genius, but shh we won’t tell him that). I hold a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University which has fueled my passion for fictional writing.

The other half that knows me know that I go by Lyna Lopez, author of The Other End of the Line and Hart Lockett, which are on sale on Barnes and Nobles and Amazon (yeah, you saw how I put that in there, right?). They also know that I write contemporary, romance, fantasy, and science fiction. If I’m not working on the farmhouse, then I am working on the latest book. Follow me @lynalopezauthor to find out more.

But, those who are coming to know me now, will soon find out that I am obsessed with Pinterest and DIY projects. I’m a first-time homebuyer and grabbed hold to a fixer-upper and just couldn’t let go. I want to share my journey in bringing life to this property and home. Follow me on FB @thefarmhousefixer or Twitter @thefarmhousefix.

Join me for some tough times, some messy paint, and really satisfying project completions.

Part of my craziness right here.