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Urban-Rural Living

How crazy that after all these years living in the city or the suburbs, my family and I have purchased 5 1/2 acres of rural living. Our farmhouse fixer-upper will take loads of work. The land needs cultivating. Eventually, we will have chickens, pigs, cows or goats, and a couple of horses to add to our six humans, and two-dog combo.

I’m a full-time fiction author–writing contemporary, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi stories, blogger, and stay-at-home wife and mother. The Farmhouse Fixer is my way of sharing our life on the farm with you. From all of the renovations and additions, I can’t wait to share them with our readers.

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Baby Blogger

I am Oreo.

This is me. I’m Mami’s co-blogger and super cute, wise, adorable, only gal, and a closet anime character. I enjoy DIY projects and creating designs I like. I’m stoked about this new house and how we would change a fixer-upper to the country house of our dreams. I love the idea of moving to a new town, but I also feel nervous about meeting and making new friends. I’m willing to try something new and make new friends that I can call family.<3

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