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Turn Your Old Cover Outlets Into Something Stylish.

When my room was being renovated, I figured I should do something with my cover outlets because they looked so bland.

I decided to choose something that would match my room design. So instead of having this faint yellow, dirty, outlet cover, I ended up with a cute, sparkly cover. All you need is a paint can from Walmart. With tax, I only paid around $7 for the Rust-Oleum Glitter Spray Paint. It could be any of your color choices, but the glitter fit my room design, and I love sparkly things.

glitter GIF

If you're looking for a distressed look, you could spray paint the outlet a dark color, then put chalk paint over, lightly sand it, and then apply the correct color wax over it. The cheaper option would be just to by a spray can, but either option looks great in your home.

Have fun with it.


Orianna Vargas

I'm a student with a desire of becoming a veterinarian. I admire animals. I'm also utterly obsessed with DIY projects. I guess you can say that they're my best friends.😂 I enjoy searching for projects to do especially on Pinterest. I'm literally on that for hours just looking at DIYs. Now that we have our very own house, we want to be able to renovate it to become the house of our dreams. So, as the co-author on The Farmhouse Fixer, I want to be able to share projects and ideas I've grown to like and be able to share with you guys so they can be exceptional additions to your home.

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  1. What a great idea! It’s so pretty, too!

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